Nelson Consulting Group (NCG) was formed by Darren Nelson, a specialist with 25 years experience
in Industrial Relations and Human Resources.
NCG was established to enable Darren and his associates to provide personalised boutique-style
business solutions that deliver to our clients and their bottom line.
At NCG we proudly provide employers with bespoke, cost efficient and effective business solutions in
the areas of Industrial Relations (IR), Human Resources (HR) and Resourcing.

We are recognised for our strengths in;

•        Strong, long standing relationships with key stakeholders across Australia’s business landscape
•        Extensive and effective national networks in the legal, industrial, political and institutional spheres.
•        Cost effective, timely and innovative business solutions.
•        Successful risk management strategies
•        Tailor made solutions that meet the needs of all businesses public, private and not for profit.
•        The ability to deliver and manage solutions for your business from concept to implementation.

NCG is not encumbered by the ‘that’s how we have always done it’ mindset that so often prevails in
Australian IR and HR circles.
Darren Nelson